Bankruptcy Beach Reading

We know we’re competing with news on Puerto Rico, Detroit, Syria, Iraq and other lovely places to spend your summer holidays, and that the deluge of daily updates means that you just can’t manage to read all of those wonderful Bankruptcy Blog posts that hit your inbox every day. Fear not: we’ve got your back.

August is that hot, humid time of the year when many professionals in the concrete jungles across this country decide to quietly slip away to more scenic locales (if you don’t believe us, try calling up your stockbroker right now… go ahead, we’ll wait).  Unfortunately, fellow bankruptcy practitioner, the law waits for no one. You […]

It’s a beautiful day for the beach.  Even though some of us may be at the beach today (and if you are at the beach, why didn’t you invite us?), bankruptcy, like time, waits for no one.  Wherever we happen to be, ‘tis the season for a little something light – or at least lighthearted.  […]

To celebrate the one event that affects workplace productivity worldwide, we bring you our World Cup edition of Weil’s Bankruptcy Beach (or, in this case, multitasking while sitting in front of a screen for eight hours) Reading. This week, our Bankruptcy Beach Reading series brings you bankruptcy trivia, with each question relating to one or […]

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, Weil’s Bankruptcy Blog is re-launching its Bankruptcy Beach Reading series. Throughout the summer, we will publish on random Fridays some lighter suggestions for weekend reading. For our first installment this season, we simply have reprinted the text of a decision from Canada that has absolutely nothing to […]

Contributed by Elisa Lemmer For most of us, summer is a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the year.  Summer affords us the opportunity to host barbeques, swim in the ocean, attend a baseball game or two, and watch a healthy dose of reality TV.  While most of the year-round […]

Think of the last entry in our summer 2011 Bankruptcy Beach Reading series as a combined beach reading/back to school special.  Let someone else do all the work closing up your summer house while you test your wits in our second bankruptcy trivia contest. For this contest, we have upped the stakes for everyone participating in […]