No Contradiction in Contribution: Tenth Circuit Finds that Bankruptcy Court Approval of Settlement of CERCLA Environmental Claims Does Not Estop Subsequent CERCLA Contribution Claim

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In Asarco, LLC v. Noranda Mining, Inc., the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals held that representations made to the bankruptcy court that the Debtor’s settlement of environmental claims reflected only the Debtor’s share of the cleanup costs did not judicially estop the Debtor from brining a contribution claim against another potentially responsible party for those same costs.

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Fees, Fees, Fees: SDNY Bankruptcy Court Questions the Ongoing Validity of the “Blackstone Protocol” for Investment Banker Fees in Chapter 11 Cases

Background: Professionals’ Fees in Chapter 11 cases Chapter 11 reorganizations are a complex affair. They often require various professionals – attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, appraisers and other professionals – to represent and assist the trustee or debtor in possession in carrying out its duties under the Bankruptcy Code. Section 327 […]

International Update: German Supreme Tax Court Abolishes German Restructuring Privilege

Given the prevalence of cross-border restructurings, the Weil Bankruptcy Blog periodically brings our readers interesting restructuring law updates from around the world.  This blog entry describes a development that could have an impact on restructurings in Germany.  Cancellation of debt – a key element of most restructurings – generally triggers taxable […]