Weil’s March Madness: The Selection Panel Has Met!

Contributed by Debra A. Dandeneau.
The Selection Panel met yesterday to finalize the brackets for the Weil Bankruptcy Blog’s March Madness competition.  Because we had so many great submissions from our readers, the Selection Panel had to make some difficult decisions to narrow the “teams” down to the Group of 32 that will be representing the four conferences – the Northeast, South, Midwest, and West.  The brackets will be revealed and voting starts on Monday, March 3.

In the meantime, here are the team captains (i.e., quotable judges) who made the cut:

6th Circuit Judge Alice M. BatchelderBankruptcy Judge J. Philip Klingeberger
Bankruptcy Judge Stuart M. BernsteinBankruptcy Judge Robert J. Kressel
Bankruptcy Judge Hal J. BonneyBankruptcy Judge Harold M. Lavien
11th Circuit Judge Edward Earl CarnesBankruptcy Judge Burton R. Lifland
Bankruptcy Judge A. Jay CristolBankruptcy Judge Bruce A. Markell
7th Circuit Judge Frank H. EasterbrookBankruptcy Judge James M. Marlar
Bankruptcy Judge Richard E. FehlingBankruptcy Judge Frank R. Monroe
7th Circuit Judge Joel M. FlaumBankruptcy Judge Robert E. Nugent
5th Circuit Judge Irving Loeb GoldbergBankruptcy Judge John K. Olson
Bankruptcy Judge William C. HillmanDistrict Judge Lawrence O’Neill
District Judge Ellen Lipton HollanderBankruptcy Judge Christopher S. Sontchi
Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. KelleyBankruptcy Judge S. Martin Teel, Jr.
Bankruptcy Judge Mary F. WalrathBankruptcy Judge James E. Yacos

In case you noticed, no quotes from a Supreme Court Justice on bankruptcy issues made the cut.  Also, if you counted and are wondering why we have fewer than 32 judges listed, it’s because some judges are so quotable that they are the captains of multiple teams.  (In fact, we had to resist the idea of giving Judge Cristol his own bracket!)
Be sure to check back on Monday to cast your votes and send your favorite teams on to the Sweet Sixteen!